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Our Story

 meagan von reuter

Meagan Von Reuter


Hello! I'm Meagan and I do it all here at Aventines Felt Flowers and Botanical Art! From designing to shipping, it all happens from my home office and studio with a little help from my favorite assistant and husband, Alex. We started out very small on Etsy in 2016 as a creative outlet for me while I was an operations manager for a local animal shelter. When I had to leave the shelter in 2018, Aventines Felt Flowers became my full time focus. (other than my own furkids, of course!) I found a wonderful community of felt artisans and decided to grow my passion for felt and botanical art.

I love all facets of this business, from searching the web to discover new flowers and plants to create from felt, to ordering and shopping for felt, the cutting and sculpting of petals and leaves, and working with people on their custom order. As I have learned more about the types of felt that are available (WOW so many!) I have developed a commitment to the materials I use in creating my products. The colors and shapes I use are inspired by real plants and flowers, mostly from images I find on the web. I'd love to see many of these plants and flowers in the wild though!

I'm so grateful to be able to create products that bring joy to me and to those who purchase from us. I hope you'll find something you love!

our mission

Our mission

People who are both plant and dog lovers have always had to come to a compromise. Since plants have the potential for mess and toxicity to dogs, most people had to choose one or the other.

Not anymore.

Meagan Von Reuter believes that dog owners deserve to have beautiful, pet-friendly flower arrangements in their home that bring peace, beauty and happiness. But until she founded Aventines Felt Flowers and Botanical Art, she didn’t think it was possible.

Meagan spent years working in a rescue mission, taking care of animals in unfortunate situations and finding loving homes for them. She even has a few dogs of her own. She always loved live flowers and beautiful arrangements, but never had them in her own home because of safety concerns for her dogs. She didn’t want the flowers to be chewed on, eaten or knocked over. Like other plant lovers, she also was disappointed in their short life spans.

Unimpressed by the silk or polyester blend flowers sold in stores, Meagan’s perspective changed when she came across wool blend felt. Sturdier, more realistic, and easy to work with, Meagan started creating felt flower arrangements for friends, family and her own home out of wool blend felt. She enjoyed the process so much that she opened her own Etsy store to share her artistic products with others.

Meagan hand-cuts, sculpts and assembles beautiful felt flowers arrangements through the inspiration of photographs, custom requests, and her own creativity. She loves making botanical pieces that her customers won’t find in retail stores and finds gratification in shopping for the perfect materials. She also enjoys recreating memorable bouquets that can be used as thoughtful gifts for brides, spouses, friends and other family members.

Now her household floral arrangements can include felt versions of dandelions, English Ivy, Tulips, Lily of the Valley and other flowers that are normally toxic to dogs. If the arrangements get knocked over, they won’t make a mess, she can prop them back up, she never has to remember to water them, and they stay vibrant and beautiful forever.

If you love flowers but have pets, or if you are tired of investing in plants that don’t last long, check out Meagan’s store. You will be inspired by its beauty and longevity.

Felt Flowers and Botanical Art

Felt Flowers and Botanical Art

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